Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Realizations: Hey, Hey, Kids!

One of the things I often do on this Blog is introduce old cartoons!

And, I just realized, does this make me (and others who do the same with their Blogs) the Blog equivalent of an anachronistic afternoon kiddie show host? After all, that’s exactly what THEY used to do! And, do so well, I might add.

True, I don’t have to don a clown costume, or assume the identity of a suitable adult role model (policeman, fireman, engineer, captain, etc.), or converse with hand puppets… but the result just might be the same – especially if you visit the Blog in the “after-school hours” and use your imagination.

If so, I hereby promise to make every effort to be at least better at it than The Simpsons’ Krusty the Clown! …Yeah, I know the bar isn’t very high!

And, hey… here comes our special guest talking hand puppet of DC Comics’ LOBO!

What’s the good word, ‘Bo?

Ahhh, just introduce th’ next cartoon, while I go slog a beer, snag a babe, and frag a bastich! Later, ya geeky Bloggin’ feeb!

Um… Lamb Chop, he’s not! What can I say to that, but… Here’s today’s cartoon! Just look down!

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