Saturday, April 4, 2009

And still more Guy Williams! Next Week on LOST IN SPACE!

Still busy. Still cheating on Blog posts.

Never a problem, as long as I continue to find quick LOST IN SPACE video clips!

From the great Season Three, here are the Next Week Previews for “Kidnapped in Space” and “Space Primevals”!

So, let’s join Guy Williams, Jonathan Harris, Mark Goddard, Billy Mumy, and Dick Tufeld as both the voice of The Robot and the Narrator of the promos for some “Out of This World, Sixties Sci-Fi Fun

Nothing says “Sixties Sci-Fi” like the hair on the female alien in “Kidnapped in Space”!

And don’t forget “Volcanoes and the Space Savages who Love Them” in “Space Primevals”!

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