Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Getting LOST Again!

LOST Season Four was released on DVD December 09, 2008. And, as with the previous three releases, it appears to be a first class package all the way!

As you may know from previous postings, I have, thus far, seen the series ONLY on DVD – not broadcast TV. Releasing the 16 episode (writer’s strike shortened) Season Four at this particular time is a very clever strategy on the part of ABC/Buena Vista.

Why? Because, should I choose to do so, I CAN begin watching Season Five on TV – even if I’ve never done so before. Season Five begins January 21, and I should easily be able to polish off these yet unseen 16 episodes of Season Four before then.

Once I do, I’m faced with the prospect of continuing to consume this very addictive series on DVD – and waiting until December 2009 to do so – or pick up the next round of new installments on ABC in little over a month! Very clever, ABC/Buena Vista! I’m guessing you’ll get me to do something I’ve resisted for years – watch LOST on prime time network airings.

Another clever innovation on the part of the DVD’s producers – and a lesson that modern comic books could certainly stand to learn – is that LOST Season Four on DVD leads-off with a feature called “LOST in 8:15”.

This is an extensive recap of the first three seasons, done at “football halftime show highlight speed” with fast narration and the occasional wry comment thrown in for good measure. Having processed Seasons One thru Three in compressed time anyway (on DVD in less than three months), I can say this is a very complete review of the series' fundamentals and most important plot beats.

In a continuity-heavy show like LOST, you can easily get… er, “lost” in the many, many details of three seasons of television broadcasts and, as we begin Season Four, the time is right for an extensive review before proceeding.
Hey, DC and Marvel… are you listening? Shouldn’t it be this easy to get… “up to speed” with The Flash?

Oh, and “8:15” isn’t just an arbitrary run-time. It also references Oceanic Flight 8:15 that crashed on the unknown island that has been the basis for LOST. Can I use the word “clever” often enough to describe this effort?!

I’m looking way forward (…with a few “flash-forwards” along the way) to getting LOST again!

…And remember, please do not offer spoilers of any kind! Thanks!

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