Thursday, November 20, 2008

Just One More Lost In Space CGI.

I really don’t know what to make of this, other than it is one damned amazing effort!

I’ll assume it’s only one more ambitious fan-effort (of many to be found). And that maybe “homemade CGI" is the 21st Century replacement for “fan-fic”. (You can see some other examples of CGI-reimagined Lost In Space openings in my previous post HERE!)

The names “involved”, that are seen at the end – and I’ll assume they are not used with permission, if a fan product – would seem to be there to give the notion of some "authenticity" (...if nowhere but in the author's fantasy), but imagine if something like this could be "legitimately" done – or even created for a possible video game.

…So, if this thing “disappears” someday, I will not be very surprised, so do enjoy it while it’s here to entertain you – and consider “what could be or could have been"!

Back when I was in my “early double digit years”, this is precisely the sort of thing I would play and replay in my head. New episodes, Dick Tufeld narrated “Third Season Next Week Scenes” for earlier episodes likeDeadly Games of Gamma Six”, “The Astral Travler… and, of courseThe Keeper”. (Yes, I suppose I was always TV Sci-Fi geeky to some degree… SO WHAT!)

But now, it seems that the more motivated members of geekdom, can now create those “in-your-head” scenes to share with the rest of us! Do we live in a WONDERFUL AGE, or what!

Oh, and look for “Space Station K-7” from Star Trek’s “The Trouble with Tribbles at about 1:34 and Forbidden Planet’s “Robby the Robot” (a two-time guest star on the original Lost In Space) at about 1:40. …Enjoy!

So, don’t cha wish it was “for-real”?

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